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Cycle to Work Scheme

Cyclescheme enables your employees to get a bike tax-free, saving on average about half the cost. It’s completely free to join, and easy to administer online…


Venture Cycles works in partnership with Cyclescheme, the UK’s leading provider of tax-free bikes for work through independent bike shops. We pride ourselves in giving you the best service available with the minimum of administration. Our scheme is run in strict accordance to the government’s green travel plan and conforms to the requirements of the HMRC, OFT and DfT. We also provide Hire Agreements for employees and a free secure website for Certificate processing. Cyclescheme’s extranet site is password protected and enables you to manage employees’ applications with the click of a mouse.

How Cyclescheme works

You sign up with Cyclescheme and you’re given access to our online system.

Cyclescheme provides you will all the promotional material you could possibly need to promote your new Cycle to Work scheme.

Employees have 3 convenient choices for organising a quote for their Cyclescheme package:

  • In-store – employees shop locally by utilising any of Cyclescheme’s 2,000+ highstreet retailers
  • Click & Collect – all the benefits of shopping online with the added convenience and peace of an in-store build and local collection
  • Home delivery – the best deals delivered to your employees door

Once the employee has acquired their quotation they head over to your bespoke Cyclescheme landing page ( and apply for their  Certificate.

Once an employee has requested a Certificate, you can confirm eligibility and approve the request. Cyclescheme will send you an invoice for the bike package, and a Hire Agreement is sent to the employee to digitally sign.

The same day the bike is paid for, an eCertificate is sent to the employee (within 15 minutes of Cyclescheme receiving funds).

The employee contacts their chosen bike shop to arrange collection.

The cost of the bike is deducted via salary sacrifice. At the end of the hire period, the employee pays a Market Value payment to make the bike theirs. Cyclescheme can collect this payment for you.

Minimum savings when using Cyclescheme’s End of Hire process are 25% (with no addittional fees what-so-ever).

How to Get Started

If you would like to learn more about Cyclescheme, and how Venture Cycles can assist you, please feel free to contact Iaen at or use our contact form.